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Tampa Housing Authority's Employee of the Month

Photo: Jose Guzman

Jose Guzman

November , 2019
Main Office
The Facilities Department
The Facilities Department selected Measurement and Verification Field Technician, Jose Guzman for Employee of the Month. Jose has been employed with THA for fifteen years, and a member of the Measurement & Verification team for eleven of those years. He is very personable and has a skill set which includes plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. He is constantly working, always on time, and has a hunger for learning new things. He is an excellent problem solver and often relied on to trouble shoot obstacles. He makes good decisions and has a positive effect on people working with him. His helpfulness and ability to make others better makes him an important asset to the Tampa Housing Authority.
Photo: Yasmin Dilbert

Yasmin Dilbert

November , 2019
Main Office
Real Estate Development
The Real Estate Development department selected Yasmin Dilbert as the employee of the month for November. Yasmin joined Tampa Housing Authority in 2001 as a Project Manager with the Real Estate Development section. On assuming her post, Yasmin wasted no time in familiarizing herself with the tenants of construction and project management in the public housing domain. The bestowal of this honor on Ms. Dilbert owes to her dependability, her comprehensive grasp of all facets of her duties, and the exemplary professionalism with which she executes her assignments. Her extraordinary qualities are evident in the steadfastness with which she serves those members of our broad community who are most in need of help. Her empathy is exemplified in the impressive track record she has established for assisting the most vulnerable of our targeted community to make the transition from homelessness to habitation. Yasmin is a well-rounded and impressive employee who realizes that her position comes with onerous responsibilities and significant challenges. Her role entails being a catalyst for the transformation of people’s circumstances and lives. Yasmin approaches each work assignment with a positive, upbeat attitude. She displays a gritty spirit, always willing to stay the course until any issues are satisfactorily addressed


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